How to play retro game ROMs on Windows

Video games are always fun and are a necessity in times of being enslaved by COVID. A few years ago I wrote about how to play old games on Mac and how you can modify them to run popular ROM hacks like Invictus and Grand Poo World. Macs are slower than other gaming machines however they offer better performance. Let’s see the ways Windows can play old-fashioned games!

Step 1: Download and install RetroArch

RetroArch is an open-source software program which powers retroPie and Recalbox video games. RetroArch can be used on almost all platforms, however we’ll be installing it on our Windows 7 PC. The install is standard so no effort is required to be made here.

Step 2 Install Emulators

After RetroArch has been installed, open it and choose from the following menu choices:

  • Load core
  • Download the Core
  • (Select the game system or emulator you want to use).

If you are presented with a variety of options that include SNES you’ll need to spend some time to research the differences between these. For instance, the “higan Accuracy” is much more resource-intensive, whereas the snes9x is used by a few popular streamers, and the bsnes 2014 Performance appears to make games feel more can find more here from Our Articles There are numerous emulators to pick from and can be accessed in just one click.

Step 3 – Let’s go!

Now is the time to begin! Drag the ROM file you’d like to install into RetroArch and RetroArch will launch it. It’s really that simple.

But, where can I get patches and/or games?

Game ROMs

Legally, you can create ROMs using the games you already have, however, it’s illegal to download them. This is true. However, this is the internet and should you stumble upon ROMs through an Google search I won’t condemn you. It’s a breeze…

Patching ROMs with patches to Create ROM Hacks

It’s a typical task to fix ROM hacks. Legendary Super Mario World hackers Juz King and Barbarous Kings use Lunar Magic, to transform the classic Super Mario World in amazing new “Kaizo”. I really enjoy these hacks because they take something that I enjoyed as a kid and inject new life into them. These new hacks, once completed will be posted to SMWCentral and can be downloaded download to thousands of enthusiastic gamers.

Hacks are not allowed to be shared as the whole game because that would be unlawful. Instead, hacks will be bps files which need to be added to an existing game ROM in order to create a modified and playable version. Grand Poo World 2, Invictus and Super Dram World are some of my favourite SNES mods.

If you have a clean copy of Super Mario World on SNES and you want to use it, we are able to patch it using one of the hacks listed in the previous paragraphs. FloatingIPS is the Windows software required for patching. The Floating IPS application works extremely quickly. It will ask you to provide the patch file (bps), ROM to apply it, and the desired output filename.

That’s how you go about patching your game! You can take your customizations of gameplay to the next level by creating your own system for replay, or patching your game with custom modifications!


Controls are perhaps the most simple part of playing Windows-based games. A lot of emulators allow players to use their keyboard as controller. Many USB controllers can function as a controller if you’re like me, and want the best input experience you can get.

I am a passionate gamer and software engineer. I am fascinated by the world of emulators as well hacking ROMs, patching them streaming and streaming fascinating. I’m also awed by the way ROM hackers make it more difficult and rewarding to play the games we played as children. RetroArch is also an excellent UI improvement. While it’s still an unfinished interface but I was able install the emulators and get it running in just a few minutes.

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